Write About the Ways Haddon Tells the Story in Chapter 233, Including the Appendix

The novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time can be read and interpreted in many ways, depending on the age of the reader. Young children would say that this is a detective story, whereas adults would see this book as a personal journal that touches on how the world feels to Christopher to the personal lives of his family and the mathematical puzzles that fascinate him. However, the main plot that pulls the story along is that of the investigation of the dogs’ death which leads to a sub plot of the disappearance of Christopher’s mother. Throughout the novel Mark Haddon merges both of these plots and chapter 233 is what concludes the dramatic story.
Haddon completes the novel by using a variety of techniques such as language, structure and style to allow readers to see how Christopher has developed as a character, how his disorder affects those around him and how Christopher is going to regain stability in his life after solving some personal mysteries of his own.
The language in chapter 233 is the same as it has been written throughout the book, straightforward and almost emotionless. This simplistic language contributes to the portrayal of Christopher’s simple but meaningful observations of his surroundings and to provide a feeling for what just happens inside is head. . Christopher writes things as exactly how it is by saying ‘he said...she said’ every time a person says something.   An example of this language would be the immanent usage of ‘then’ and starting paragraphs with ‘Then this...and this’. Also every time someone says something Christopher writes ‘Then he said...Mr Shears said...Mother said’   which is very useful on showing how Christopher is dependent on systems and such, and doesn’t really think differently of the world but categorises events and lists them systematically.
The way this links to the way Haddon tells the story is that even though Christopher has undergone an amazing experience on his own he will still process...