Writing process part 1 examination number 98609701

1. (a) A trip to the ocean can be a relaxing escape from the every day pressures of life.
    (b) You should always be careful to avoid overexposure to the sun at the ocean.

2. Grammer,Punctuation, Spelling,Capitalization

3.   (a) A phrase or opinion that is over used
      (b) That was very cliche of him to make a joke about my jacket, I have herd it a million times.

4. (a) Brainstorming- Jotting down thoughts and ideas before writing the final draft.
    (b) Idea web- Creating lists and ideas or words to orginize idea before begining an writing assingment.

5. I am preparing to host an event in my home, A surprise birthday party for my very best friend! The first thing I will need to do is creat a budget. Then I will go to the store and get lots of yummy BBQ foods for her per it is her favortie kind of food. I will hand make her invites and invite all of her closest friends and family that should make her so happy. After all the decorations are put up I will call her to meet me, while everyone hides she will come over and everyone will yell surprise!!! She will be so surprised, I really hope she enjoys her surprise birthday party she deserves nothing but the best.

6. The advances in technology are making poeple less social and this is a subject that everyone is talking about lests take a look. Some are going to say that they love it and some will say that they hate it in the end its going to be your personal prefernce in the very end. I belive that one day we will all have robots and everyone will just be on a screen insted of face to face what happened to sending letters! what happened to picking up the phone to "call" the ones you love not just text. As an army wife everyone knows that deployments are hard and at this moment is going to be the one where I say I am blessed for Skype, acually seeing my husband insted of just a letter was much more advanced and made the distance between us...