Worthwhile Memorization - Fahrenheit 451

Rahul Shah
Ms. Elizabeth Brooks
Literature 321G
9 August 2010

Worthwhile Memorization
There are a countless amount of books that are deemed valuable to future civilization in terms of their respective ideas, stories, characters, and their points of view. The authors of the books I have chosen portray their story in a very distinct manner. This is why I have chosen them: because no other books have the same effect to the heart and mind. These following books would provide the basis for social behavior and philosophical morality in society. In terms of all these aspects, Theories of Relativity by Barbara Haworth-Attard, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, and The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins would be the best choices to be worth saving from the firemen to be preserved for future civilization.
Theories of Relativity is a novel that is crucial for people of all ages to read and save from the firemen. This book teaches about hope as well as human sympathy. In the novel Theories of Relativity, the point of view is from a sixteen year-old boy. He has been kicked out from his mother's home and he is forced to live on the city streets with other homeless people. Throughout the story, he narrates his struggle to find shelter, food and acceptance. He has nothing except his "theories." He makes up "theories" about human nature. For example, he has one on how only every fourth person will offer him spare change. This is a very disturbing story of how a young man tries to live on the streets while trying to make contact with the family he was forced to leave behind as well as trying to free a fellow homeless person from her life as a prostitute. When his father got his mom pregnant, he "never showed up for [his] birth and he left town soon after" (Haworth-Attard 14). After the main character visits his dad, he soon finds out that his dad is a helpless drunk who refuses to do anything for him. Then he meets a man who changes his life. For Christmas, he gets a present...