Fahrenheit 451

Community Activities
I am involved in community service at the A-MED Community Hospice. I really enjoy going there to volunteer because it makes me feel like I am helping people that have lost any hope they once had. I mostly make myself available to the older people in case they need a hand to do anything. The way I got involved was through some of my friends that found this add in Starbucks and they thought it would be interesting to volunteer at this nursery home. After attending information sessions and reading all the manuals we had in order to prepare for out first visit I felt excited to volunteer but nervous if the people didn’t like me, especially I was nervous because for once I knew what to expect. Luckily I really enjoy spending time with the old folks because I cant get enough of their stories and its important they tell them. I feel helping people is something that just naturally comes to me because I have been able to experience new things through A-MED because it helps you to appreciate all that you have and that unfortunately other lack. At first when I signed up for A-MED I felt incapable of being in a place like a hospice but thankfully I feel myself when I go to the nursery home and I have built strong relationships with the residents. The relationships we have built help to better understand the purpose of community service because you actually see your actions have a good effect on the residents who are looking forward for the youth volunteers to attend.

I currently have two dogs and they are Candie the Chihuahua and Papi (Not sure what breed he is. All I know is that he‘s hedge).   Candie lives inside with us and is treated a princes because she is a princess according to my parents. I often find myself thinking my parents wouldn’t think twice to include her in their will. Candie is a total diva she always gets her way and if you want to get her mad just pretend to hit my mom or dad. Candie absolutely despites pedestrians, and does...