Farenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451 Rough Draft #2
    Electronically powered devices are extremely important to us(AO). We use electronics to get to work, do work, socialize, make plans, entertain, and sometimes to order food. Imagine what chaos we would be in if everything electrically powered disappeared for one day (AO). It’s safe to say that we have an over reliance on electronics. In Ray Bradbury’s book Fahrenheit 451 society is corrupt, has an over reliance on technology, and people do not care for anybody, but themselves which mirrors our society today.
    Selfishly, corrupt, and over reliance on technology are some characteristics that describe the society in Fahrenheit 451 (AO). Destructive is a great way to describe the society created by Ray Bradbury. It has been shown time and time again throughout the book. Destroying the books, Firemen go house to house to search for people in possession of them (PO). Other examples are Mildred’s over dosage of pills, and the bombing of the city. Society in F-451 can also be described as selfish and corrupt. Marriages between couples can only strengthen the argument. For example Milred and her friends. Mildred ratted her own husband out and left him alone and her friends even said that they would not care if there husbands died in war. There marriage means nothing to them and they can easily forget about them. Corruption in the society can be seen in the police pursuit of Montag. When the police lost his trace they hunted down a random innocent guy and claimed it was Montag. They killed a innocent citizen just for a good ending to the chase.
    Todays society resemblance to F-451’s society is frightening. We are just as over reliant on technology, selfish, and corrupt as them. People today cannot do anything without technology. Where would we be without computers, phones, and transportation? Just like the society in F-451 most of us sit around and stare at a T.V for information and entertainment. Selfishly and corruptly is...