Fahrenheit 451 Utopia Essay

20 October 2011
A utopian society is a society that is known as an imaginary society because it has always failed and in the past it was also introduced by a book called Utopia by Sir Thomas More . First of all, a utopia is known as a perfect society , ideal place or state that is socially perfect, and is also politically perfect. The most popular attempt at a utopian society was known as Brook Farm, but it quickly fell over a year due to diseases and many other problems. To make a utopian society work, there must be peace and citizens or people of the society need to fully trust the government. In Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, the characters, tone, and types of conflict support the fact that they are attempting to be a utopian society.
In Fahrenheit 451, the society resembles a utopia with the type of characters that are introduced to the readers. Mildred turned her husband, Guy Montag, for reading books and keeping them in their house "Mildred you didn't put in the alarm!"(Bradbury 114). Mildred is like a servant to the government doing what the government commands the people to do such as not read, listen to seashells and watch so much television that they call it family. Mildred is always "happy" and is the definition of a human to the government. Mildred's friends also show that they are in a utopian society "He'll be back next week. The army said so." (Bradbury 94). The women clearly show how obedient they are to the government to listen and believe such nonsense as a two week war. They support the utopian society by completely trusting the government. Not only do characters show proof of a utopian society, tones in the story resemble it too.
Fahrenheit 451 has a gloomy tone in some parts of the story because it has turned into a dystopia which means it has failed at being successful at being a utopia.   The tones in some quotes in the story shows how gloomy it is in the society "Someone else just jumped off the cap of the pill box."(Bradbury 16). The...