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Work Place Preferences

January 28, 2013
Lodessa Washington

Work Place Preferences

        When you start the search for job or a career knowing your preferences is very important to your future in that job or career. Knowing what you want in the place where you work, will help to determine your future in your chosen profession or job. It would not be wise to be a teacher, if you prefer not to be around children all day, just as working in an office with high expectations, if you like to procrastinate and be laid back.

My results say that I am like to be a job or career that is well l organized and efficient.   I like to communicate in a fashion that does not require a lot of face to face contact. I prefer to work alone, but can communicate within a group if necessary. I will communicate with a sense of responsibility and will use my words wisely when communication with others. The results say that I can communicate on a personal level or professional level with ease.

I do know that from the results I need to be more flexible in my communication style.   I need to be more open to other ideas and information. I need to be more relaxed and not so assertive in the way I communicate; it is okay to be a little informal at times. I need to find the balance between formal and informal. I looked at my results and I can see how they describe my communication skills.
Knowing what you want in a work place, will determine how you fair in your future in the workplace.