Explaine How Communication Affects Relationships in the Work Place

Promote communication in Health, Social Care or Children’s and young people’s settings.
Unit 51
Outcome 1
Explain how communication affects relationships in the work setting.
Good communication enables individuals needs to be met, it’s a fundamental skill needed to form relationships in and out of the workplace. When people limit their ability to communicate it can cause conflict which can lead to isolation and make people feel anxious. As I work on an eating disorder unit meal times are a struggle for our patients so this is where we rely on good communication skills to help support the young people. Some young people talk openly and freely while others lack the ability to hold a conversation, this can make my job more challenging in a way that I then need to keep trying to involve my patient. This is where I will use positive communication skills such as listening, open ended questions and keeping my tone of voice low and soft this can help the young person feel at ease. Relationships in the work place can become stronger when effective communication is in place. Whilst in the work place you are part of a team and effective communication helps form bonds with fellow work colleges as well as the young people, this helps colleges relate with each other and work together making the work you do run smoothly and effectively regardless whether you like the people you work with or not a professional relationship must be kept it place at all times.