Technology in the Work Place

Technology in the Work Place | December 19
TEC/401 Mary   Dziorny | |

Companies can and will sometimes use new technology to help them set and manage ethical standards along with company guidelines. By using these different types of techniques, this helps them to shape the type of work environment or culture that they are trying to promote. Additionally, using technology to perform human resource functions affects company’s culture too. As the world advances its technology, different companies tend to shop for these new introductions to better serve their needs at their business. These needs could be within the company, dealing with ethical standards and work environments, or they could be needs to assist the consumers. Such needs used to assist the consumers would involve technology that brings happiness and satisfaction to the customers and encourages people to bring their business.
Technology helps to set and manage ethical standards and guidelines in a variety of ways. When being employed with an agency that manages semi-trailer truck drivers, it is a must that each and every employee follows all driving guidelines and safety rules. There are a lot of these trucking companies that uses new and old technology to monitor their employee’s time log, location, scheduled routes, and safety measurements used while on duty. One of the specific technology types used would be a tracking device installed on the trucks. This tracking device is used to monitor the driver’s speed, miles, and location at all times. One of the main guidelines set in place at trucking companies is to always stay on route. Drivers are not allowed to make personal stops that don’t involve scheduled breaking or emergencies. When companies purchase and place these tracking devices in the trucks, this will advise the drivers that they are being watched. By doing this, it manages the use and abuse of the business guidelines. These tracking devices along with computer logs, helps the...