Work Pack 7

Long Way Home (chapter one)
By Jessica Noble
It was 6am. You hadn’t slept all night because you were scared. Scared you and Chloe weren’t going to see the boys again. Not just any boys. You meant Luke, Ashton, Mikey and Calum. You had known them since you met them when they were recording ‘Out of my Limit’ and had been really close to them since. You had been on tour with them when they were supporting One Direction on their Where We Are tour. Now you were moving. Moving to the United States. You planned on telling the boys today when you were all out shopping. You daren’t imagine their reaction, to know they were losing two of the closest people to them. Yes, two. You and Chloe were twins. You didn’t look identical, though you looked very similar. You simply laid there, as the sun began to rise and stared in the corner of your room. You were so tired, your eyes just shut instantly.
You re-awoke to the sound of your alarm beeping. You looked to put it on snooze and noticed it was 10am. You got up and went downstairs where your mum and dad were sat at the breakfast bar and Chloe was making toast. “Morning love, you alright?” your dad asked you. “Yeah, I’m fine, bit tired like, but you know...” you replied as you yawned. You shoved you hair up in a scruffy bun. Chloe turned around, “God! I forgot how ugly you looked on a morning” she said to you as she took a bite of her toast. You scowled and pulled her a sarcastic smile. “Ha, ha, ha! Stop looking in the mirror you dude” you replied with emphasis on the ‘ha’s. “Cheeky cow!” she said laughing slightly. “What have you two got planned for today then?” your mum asked you, peeping at you over the top of her Heat magazine. “Shopping with the boys, why?” Chloe said to her. “Just wondering, we’re having a barbecue later, are they coming?” she went to say. “Well, we don’t know because, they will probably spend so much time making sure they look amazing, that it’ll be over by the time they get here!” you said as you poured...