Anthony Williams Module 2 Task 1
In this essay I intend to write about assessment, how I assess, the validity and reliability of my assessments, to analyse theories of assessment and teaching, and the significance of equality diversity issues for the assessment of learning.

I am a tutor working within the directorate for explorers; I work across two sections within the department, commercial catering and institutional catering, my background is that of a head chef for many years in industry;
I see my role now as a tutor to pass on the knowledge I have gained over those years to my ever growing group of students whether they are budding chefs or cooks in a care home or school, I hold workshops at college and in the workplace, and assessment is a big part of my job.

Assessment is a measure of learning at a given point in time.
Formal and informal assessment of students is a large part of a tutor’s work particularly those working within the Directorate for employers or in work based learning.

Assessment for learning:
This is the process of seeking and also interpreting evidence for use by students and their tutors to decide where the learners are within their learning and where they need to go and the best way to get there,   after an initial assessment, that includes a brief one to one discussion a “Can you? Can’t you” questionnaire followed by a skill scan, I have recently added a general observation of the student, a formative assessment to find out ‘where the student is’ in terms of is he or she on the right course, and how he or she will progress and at what speed? After all every student is different and has different needs.
A first practical observation and assessment can be really helpful to teaching and learning because it provides me the tutor with the essential information that I need to assess exactly where the student is at this stage of his or her career or training, this use of informal assessment gives me the chance for...