Safe - Steady - Consistent - Code

Safe Steady Consistent (S.S.C.) Code

Fred Trevisan


During the last couple of weeks I have done some research and spoken to a few people regarding the S.S.C. code.   To my surprise I found somebody that knew something about it but had never researched it. My first question to him was, "why is it referred to as a code?" The answer was that it had to be because it was a system that was contrary to their propaganda (in East Berlin) at the time.   Just being caught talking about it would result in a jail sentence if not death.

It actually makes sense if you think about it.   Safety in the work place was never an important consideration in any industry during that time. Working steady was unheard of because the bigger the workload was the harder you were expected to work.   Consistency was a term that could never be used around the industrial front because it represented a limitation of production to a schedule. Instead, these guys worked their workers until they dropped.

As a result of my finding it wasn't that hard to reflect about what it was like in those days and why this guy was so successful by implementing the S.S.C. management technique in a positive way.   It is amazing to think that it has taken decades for the employer to become vigilant in looking after the employee's welfare.   However many still find it hard to implement safety measures at times because the employees ignore procedures.

According to a psychologist there is a simple explanation for such ignorance. Mankind has always worked towards self preservation as seen in everyday tasks which are full of hazards for example, making a cup of coffee or cutting a loaf of bread, where in every instance a Take 5 is mentally completed.   However, man (as a gender) does not like to be told.   It is for this reason that I believe we need to take a different approach and invite the guys to join us in having an incident free approach rather then telling them how things are going to be....