Mr. a H

Rio Tinto
CSR approach – change program
Justin’s background:

Worked for 7 years as a workshop fitter – was a part of the apprentice aboriginal underwing buddy up. From there mentoring camps with wife, kids out of community to learn about social issues in Roebourne. He ran mechanical workshops at the weekends in trade roles.
He was perceived as a ‘White fella’ that will ring you back and that cares. The communication was really good between both cultures. He was a site mentor with 200 people between 2 sites. He worked in HR recruitment with placements throughout coast and Perth. 3 people throughout a year put through aboriginal prisoner program?

24 people have gone through the program with 18 passing straight away. Whereas Karratha had no outcomes. 85 people applied for the program with only 20 passing. The prison is running back to back programs.
Superintendent – Andrew Nuttman (I think)
How has SWOT affected change? Have weaknesses turned into strengths? They saw Roebourne as an opportunity. When identified first, communities in general and work ready group, involved with Roebourne for several years. Roebourne and Wickham, running work ready programs for a couple of years. Radio transmitting station Harding dam east of Roebourne. Training centre. Prisoners go and skilled training activities. Moral support –talking and asking how things are going etc. Justin set up visits to plans and coastal sites. Systems with purchasing with tools and consumables. Taking in on day release basis, Cape Lambert. First instance. Saw an opportunity for providing hope to people. Recidivism. Small way to reduce it. Hope for future. Made sense on face: bunch of people that are being well fed, no distractions of grog and drugs. No issues associated with outer community. Sleep drugs, alcohol. Eliminated. Minor offences. Right people have been selected. Not a threat to the community. Or to the workforce. Engage people. Don’t have problems with lack of sleep etc. Make aware of...