Work in Partnership

Work in Partnership in Health and Social Care
Unit 5

One of the key features of effective partnership working is communication. This can be in a verbal way, non-verbal or a written way. It is important to take into account the individual at the centre of care and ensure that everyone is working with those persons best interests at heart. This ensures everyone is working with clear objectives. Working in partnership builds up a trust with all parties. It is important that there is a mutual respect and that everyone is transparent and honest. Peoples roles in how they provide the support needs to be taken into account. Working in partnership with others means listening to others and acting on things that need addressing with best interests being the key thing to remember. As interim manager it is down to me to lead the team to get the desired outcome and that we all work closely as a team.
At Birmingham Road the staff team consists of Interim manager (I), a senior support worker, support workers and a cleaner. By us all working together closely it builds up trust, respect and good communication skills. Having regular staff meetings held once a month it means ideas, concerns and issues can be addressed and dealt with. It keeps everyone in the loop with what is happening with service users and the home itself. By working as a team responsibilities are shared. This reduces duplication of tasks being done and ensures that skills and knowledge is passed on. We work with professionals external to the home such as GPs, Occupational Therapists, Opticians, Dentists and Psychiatrists. If we didn’t work in partnership with these people then we wouldn’t be providing the support the service user needs and is entitled to. Families of the service user also need to be included in the partnership as it is their loved one and what is best for the service user is paramount. An open door and transparent approach means that all included benefit. Some of my service users go to day...