Analyse the Importance of Working in Partnership with Others

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Within health and social care literature, there are many references to the need for health and social care agencies to ‘work together’ more effectively in ‘partnership’ and in ‘collaboration’. A example can be found in the Department of Health’s (DoH 2007d) policy for tackling health   inequalities, which requires local service providers to work in partnership to address the wider determinants of health such as poverty, employment, poor housing and poor educational attainment with primary care trusts and local authorities being the key partners, leading and driving change locally.The essence of partnership is sharing. It is marked by respect for one another, role divisions, rights to information, accountability, competence, and value accorded to individual input. In short, each partner is seen as having something to contribute, power is shared, decisions are made jointly and roles are not only respected but are also backed by legal and moral rights. (citing Jo Tunnard, 1991)Working in partnership creates a clear understanding of the different roles each person has. Clear responsibilities and lines of communication lead to successful partnership working. Shared records like written, email, fax, face to face; working effectively together with people like professionals, agencies and organisations to enhance the wellbeing of service users and support positive and improved outcomes. As day care worker I use a variety of communication systems to support and promote partnership working, within the workplace, on a daily basis. Some of the communication systems used within the workplace include: daily plans, communication book and diary.   These all promote partnership working in the day care centre by ensuring all staff are aware of any important information and facts regarding the workplace or service users. This ensures good team...