T5 - Working in Partnership (Families; Multi-Agency; More Than One Team)

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Page: 1 out of 8
T5 - Working in partnership (families; multi-agency; more than one team)

Making partnerships with other professionals and parents/carers means both people have to discuss their aims and objectives and what you want to achieve on the best way how to support children and young people together.

D1 & D2 – Consider the key issues that apply to the chosen theme & Explain the relevance of the key issues to the chosen theme.
There are a few key issues when working in partnerships with Families; Multi-agencies and in more than one team.

The main key issue that affects all topics is having a language barrier, a certain parent or carer that is from a different origin may not speak the same language as the professionals or may only speak a small amount of the language, this will make it hard for professionals to make a proper partnership which will restrict the parents/carers from certain activities and information offered by the professionals. You can overcome this issue by including a translator when a parents/carers evening is taking place or involve a relative that can speak the same language as the professional and bring a different approach to the certain parents by explaining in small chunks but in more detail such as ‘when your explaining where the school bus picks up from, you first explain what a school bus is’. Also a practitioner can learn simple bit of a child’s/young person’s language and include flashcards to make learning easier and fun. This is important that this is solved as families, agencies and professionals need to work together to help children/young people receive the best possible learning and support and communicate together to get crucial information, such as a child’s progress, to help them reach their potential level of learning. Also this is important that this is solved because this will restrict practitioners talking to people effectively therefore friendly relationships may not be formed...