Work in Partnership with Families to Support Individuals Unit 4222-328

Dominic Ball

Unit 4222-328 Work in partnership with families to support individuals ((HSC 3038)

Outcome 1

Understand partnership working with families

Analyse the contribution of families to the care and/or support on individuals

Families contribute a lot to the care and support of individuals in care in many ways. In the first place, it is the family that is the first port of call in terms of care in the sense that it is the family that acknowledges that a member of their family requires professional care and takes the matter to body responsible. It is the family that provides the critical information on the condition of the individual before the experts begin their assessments. When an individual has been admitted into care or wants to remain living independently at home the family provides stability by constant visits and encouragement as well as in times of crisis the family can provide calm and understanding as they know the individual better then anyone. The family can also provide financial management if requested to do so. Overall the family provides stability, comfort, support and love and affection unconditionally whilst needed.

Identify factors that may affect the level of involvement of family members in care and/or support

There are many factors that may affect the level of involvement of family members in the care and support of individuals. Different work commitments of family members if they are all in full time employment, distance, willingness to travel or restriction on time available, ability to travel or drive, as well as a good/poor relationship with the individual, all these can have an affect on the level of family involvement

Describe dilemmas or conflicts that may arise when working in partnerships with families to support individuals

There can be many dilemmas and differences of opinion and/or philosophy in terms of appropriate use of funds, discipline, seeking employment, and relationships...