Words About the Author

Words about the author: It was during Abel’s 8th grade graduating year at SOCES when the Russians came upon them. “The War of Infants” they called it but Abel will tell you that the kids he was fighting with, those kids had the hearts of men. Abel was in English class, looking out the window, when he spotted a small figure in the sky. He watched as it grew to the size of an automobile. It was a man, with a parachute. There were plenty of them and more were coming. That was the start of the infamous war. The children began to disappear as the Russians took hold of the campus, but Abel’s band of men took care of that. They were the “Children of Anarchy.” They fought for 2 long months and took back the campus. His troops were strong, and held onto hope that they would drive out the Russians some day.   And they did.
Words by the author: In retrospect, it was during this period I couldn’t stop thinking about my transformation and the transformation of many others at this school. I felt I had to record this feeling.   In this book, the shadow represents adulthood and the fact that some day we will all just have to stop running and accept it.   Vetch represented my good friend and peacemaker Junior., Jasper, a trader named Cameron. At one point I had a choice - to leave school and run away or face this war to the end and all it took was the unbreakable bond of the others and myself. Once I realized what my role was to be, childhood was over. We pushed them off of the campus where the authorities took care of them. It was then when I understood that all of us must one day accept our shadow. At age 26 I live in New York, New York where I sell toothpaste off the corner of 6th and 35th.