Topic Analysis

1. Summarizing the main thesis (argument) of the article - Olasz, C. (2006), Marketing’s Role in a relationship age, Baylor Business Review; Vol. 24 Issue 2, p2-7:

The Olasz’s article reviews the business today and more correctly how to build a brand and its name today, the marketing strategies and management consultants. It explains how the internet is becoming one of the extremely fast going marketing channels. The other marketing direction that it reviews is the role of the relationship in marketing and the relationship between one brand and its customers.

2. Write one sentence definitions for the following terms:

1. 360 - degree view of the customer
- it is extremely important for the company in strategic view because it helps the agent to increase the customer satisfaction and shows to the customer the price and quality you are offering and aloud the customer to research by himself, in the end if he/she come back to your product it is said that you have 360 – degree view of the customer
2. CRM (customer relationship marketing) as sales force automation tools
- It is when the customer and the business information is put at sales-representatives top
3. Relationship marketing
- it shows the company customer needs and also what is the reason for the customer’s loyalty, also have to maintain the relationship – it is the deepest relationship
4. One - to one personalized marketing
- It represents the face-to-face communication with the customer; the marketing representative should communicate only with the customer for example TV, e-mail or phone
5. Trust
- It is when the customer is satisfied by the company’s product and will use it/buy it again in the future, it is also important to know that the company offers money back guarantee
6. Brand equity
- This is the power of the brand which is made by the willingness and the name recognition earned over the time
7. Internal and external stakeholders
- Internal is a person who is working for a...