UNV. 101

Plagiarism to me is copying someone’s work and making it your own. It’s not using your own ideas.   When you are accused of plagiarism, it’s just like stealing. You have not tried your hardest to do research and complete your assignment based on your own thoughts. You have completely taken over with someone else’s work and tried to pass it as your own.   Plagiarism is simply the wrong thing to do. Everyone’s thoughts and ideas are unique. You must take your time and come up with ideas and phrases of your own.
Three examples of plagiarism is copying someone else’s thoughts, taking information from any books, journals, or newspapers and not giving credit to that source, and even taking personal conversations from anyone else. Anything that someone has quoted and you do not give   reference or site to them is plagiarism.   Plagiarism can be easily done, that’s why it is important to think and outline your reports carefully.
Three ways to avoid plagiarism is to give credit where credit is due.   You must include all citations and references.   When you are citing a source you must quote, paraphrase, and summarize the source exactly the way you copy it to your essay.   Therefore, you will be giving the person whose idea you are using, the credit.   Always take time and do critical thinking in order to be sure that you do not copy the words of another author.   When you do any assignment for class projects you need to use quotes or phrases that you have personally thought of and not use the words or phrases of another. If we take time and note all information needed for us to do our homework, then we will not have to be worried about Plagiarism. Being able to take another person’s information and write it down word for word might be an easy way out, but it’s not the honest way.   We should keep in mind that we have committed a crime when we still the quotes and phrases of another. It may seem...