Women in the Epic World

The role of women in the society is not clearly defined. There was a time, when women were on the top of the world. Then they were certainly more important because of their social functions than were men. However, the long-lasting period of Patriarchy came after the period of Matriarchy, and it completely changed the treatment of women in the world.   For centuries, women have tried to find their place not only in a men-oriented world but also in a men-oriented art.   It is well known that the literature is the reflection of society events. That is why the role of women in the epic world is a quite questionable topic.
The role of the woman had been changing with the change of epochs. Different writers had various opinions about the description of the woman and her most important tasks. Women had to play different characters and roles in their works.
Firstly, I would like to start with analysing The Odyssey (1954) by the Greek poet Homer. Although, it is an epic tale of men’s heroic deeds, the role of women in it is also unparalleled. Homer describes the women from different sights. He creates different role paradigms, which can go from woman in the role of seductresses to a woman in a role of mother and wife.   The role of seductress is a prime one.   For example, when Odysseus arrives on Circe’s island, he and his crew are invited to Circe’s house by the soft and alluring voice of the extremely beautiful goddess. Homer writes about her in such a manner: “… the nymph with lovely braids, Circe – and deep inside they heard her singing, lifting her spell-binding voice as she glided back and forth on her great immortal loom, her enchanting web a shimmering glory only goddesses can weave’’( X, 235-239). This quotation proves that power of women’s beauty can make wonders and men can be sometimes powerless to stand against it. That is why she has transformed Odysseus’ crowd into pigs.   However, Odysseus is not as pathetic as his crowd is. He shows a real male power by...