Cleopatra and Modern Women

Cleopatra was a queen of Egypt (pharaoh), scholar, murderer, and the most famous women in history of Egyptian women. Her relationships with powerful men Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony, skillful utilization of goddess costumes, hairstyling, face veiling, and beauty regimes bring the ancient world to life even after a long time. Despite a negative history of Cleopatra as the most notorious women in Egypt, she left a legacy that has been the trend of most women in the world today, most important being the world of fashion. Remarkably, Cleopatra combined both Egyptian and Greek elements in a skillfully manner creating seductive Egyptian fashions. Cleopatra’s taste for pageantry made her emerge as an exceptionally attractive. Most of today’s women fashion traces its roots to the creativeness and skills of Cleopatra in trying out unique public image in Egypt.

As an exotic figure, she has remained a substantial influence in the women style today. Recent world of women fashion indicates the influence of Cleopatra towards the modern woman (Berry, 2013). The dress code of modern women resembles her seductive style that she used to attract famous ad powerful men. Many years after Cleopatra bequest, women are still using Cleopatra fashion that includes the popular smoky and heavily lined eye. Surprisingly, almost every modern woman has to putt make up before leaving the house. Her day-to-day extraordinary focus on beauty has also transpired to the modern woman. Recent statistics on modern omen expenditure on beauty and fashion is because of Cleopatra’s ancient statement from her numismatic and contemporaries.

Apart from the positive influence in the fashion world, a number of modern women have diverted their attention from their parenthood duties to a life of sensuous luxury and seduction to achieve leadership and marry wealthy men. Cleopatra act of protecting the Egyptian people from the romans has influenced the modern women in gaining courageous in terms of securing...