Women Rights

How have women`s rights evolved since 1945? A comparative study of the United Kingdom and Romania?

1. Introduction
We all know that women didn`t always have the same rights like men , so for them to have the opportunity to say what they were thinking or to do other things had been a long time challenge.
In this essay I want to show the evolution of women`s rights in the years after the Second World War and how they are different in countries like United Kingdom and Romania.
I have chosen to analyze this two countries because United Kingdom has always been a democratic country and Romania had a period in its history when it was a communist country and with i want to show the differences when it comes to women`s rights between a democratic and a communist country.
Even if women started to have more and more rights there will always be a discrimantion between women and men. This thing isn`t very good because it can affect the women`s confidence in themselfes and they will start to have low expectations from them and this can`t help any women to succeed with their dreams. So for women to succeed in their careers they need to pass all the difficulties they meet on their way, difficulties which are more than for a man just because of their gender.
All this things happens also because, us, humans, it`s in our culture to accept traditional norms and values as "normal", natural and "their own" and we sometimes believe that women can`t do the same things like men or to occupie the same jobs.
In Goodman, Fields and Blum (2003) opinion there are no many differences between women and men`s aspirations for their careers, and they have similar values but women couldn`t achieve the same rights like men, like position or paying because of the expectations of their gender.
It is true that now women become more and more equaly to men but there will always be a negative thought that women aren`t that good as men and everybody expects that a woman who has a man job to...