Why Are Families so Important for Babies


I would like to take a look at how important families are to a baby and whether other people in their lives can play just as an important role in providing their needs.

Other people as well as families can play an important role in a baby’s life.   Childminders, foster parents, and other extended family members can all make an important difference to a child.   Rai and Flynn (2004, p. 43) state that “Research has shown that even if a close relationship is not with a child’s parents, as long as a child has someone who is consistently “there” for them, they are likely to be OK.”   If a baby just needs to be able to get close to people in their lives whoever they may be.   This will help them build confidence and get the most from their lives.

We need our family to provide love and protection as we grow and develop. This will help a baby to feel safe and secure.   Rai and Flynn (2004, p.41) state that “If relationships are secure, the child is able to trust that others will protect them when they do not feel safe; this then gives them the confidence and ability to explore the world around them.”   A sense of security and being loved is good for their ability to form close relationships.

A family   plays a pivital role in providing for a child’s physical and emotional development.   . A baby needs opportunities to play and develop new skills that will help their large motor skills as well as their finer movements.   How a baby is treated at this early stage can shape who they are and who they become.   How they develop emotionally will also affect their confidence and ability to form new relationships.

Relationships that are predictable and responsive are also important.     Carers need to   learn to interpret and provide for their baby’s needs, including be food, comfort or warmth.   Rai and Flynn (2004, p. 39) state that, “Babies benefit from close, predictable and responsive relationships with other people.”   A baby also...