Importance of Families

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Why are families so important for babies?

Step 1: points
Step 2: commenting on points and agreeing or disagreeing (in italics)
* it is not only families that are important; other people such as childminders who have frequent contact can also be important
Rai and Flynn (2004, p 40) state that ‘some babies have closer relationships with adults other than their parents’
Rai and Flynn (2004, p 43) state: ‘ Research has shown that even if a close relationship is not with a childs parents, as long as a child has someone who is consistently ‘there’ for them they are likely to be OK’

*families help to give babies a sense of security and being loved, which is beneficial for their ability to form close relationships

*babies benefit from close predictable and responsive relationship with other people
Babies from birth

*the consistency and quality of the emotional relationship is more important than the biological relationship

*Families can be destructive: parents arguing and children hear, babies are sometimes better off when parents families separate.
Rai and Flynn (2004, p 41) states ‘It is through the relationships they have with other people -both good and bad- that babies and children learn about themselves: who they are and what they can and cannot achieve.’
This is a valid point which I agree with. Some children can grow up in a violent and hostile home, in which case they can become very insecure and find it difficult to form attachments. The unpredictability of some families can leave babies feeling very unsettled and frighten. And their first experiences of life and the world can be very damaging.

Rai and Flynn (2004, p 8) state that ‘One third of households in England and Wales include dependent children and nearly one in four of these are lone parent families (92.2% of these headed by mothers) more than one in ten children live in a stepfamily and eleven per cent live with unmarried cohabiting couples.’