Tm1 Y156

Task 1 :- Why are families so important for babies?
  1. To provide them with basic needs of food, warmth, security and love.

  2.   To help give babies confidence to learn about the world in which they live in.

  3.   To help them learn about themselves and develop their own individiual personality.

  4. Other people outside of families are just important with their contact with babies.
References for each above point,
  1. Rai and Flynn (2004, p27) State that ‘they also need to be provided with food and

warmth to keep them comfortable.’

  2. Rai and Flynn (2004, p 40) state that ‘if relationships are secure, the child is able to

trust that others will protect them when they do not feel safe this then gives them the

confidence and ability to explore the world around them.’

  3. Rai and Flynn (2004, p24) suggest ‘that relationships with other people help their

minds develop.’

  4.   Rai and Flynn (2004) Suggest that ‘they need other people to help them, and other

children and relatives can play a big part in their lives.

A baby is a human being in it’s early stage of life, they are very vulnerable and unable to do
anything for themselves. Tara Hester ( states ‘Families are
so important to babies because they are the baby's foundation. The baby needs a background
for guidance and support to become successful in his or life.

 Babies have basic needs and wants with complex elements as they are helpless and have to
be dependent on others for their basic needs. The needs and wants of a baby are the
essentials of food, warmth, to be clothed, kept clean, loved, given attention and contact with
other adults and children alike but they also want the adult providing all this to be able to tune
into them and understand their needs efficiently to give them security as they are unable to
communicate effectively only through theirs cries...