What Is Person Centred Practice

Explain Person centred practice
Person centred practice is all about the individual that you are working with, putting them at the centre of everything. Giving them control over their life. Enabling an individual to be a valued member of their community.
We are all individuals that think and feel in different ways. We all communicate in different ways. We all have different things that are important to us.
Working with a person centred approach is about working with someone to find out what is important to them. Along with family and other professionals we can enable an individual to do what they want and have control over how this happens. Working out how best to present information that suits the individual. I work with an individual that will pick out pictures from google images to best describe the goal he wants to achieve looks like. This may not be what I would have chosen or even make sense to me, but it does to him. Enabling him to be engaged in the project.
Person centred practice is about stripping away labels. Listening and understanding to what the individual likes or dislikes. Looking at what is possible. We must allow for mistakes as long as we learn by these.   It is important to try new things. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work out.
As an organisation we all have different skills. If an individual is interested in sport we have certain staff that would be best suited to support them with this. We have one member of staff who has successfully supported some guys to start going boxing. The member of staff is a boxer. They seem to like and admire him for this and want to be like him.