Qcf Level 5 - Person Centred Practice


Person centred practice is all about having a focus upon individual needs. All individuals have different needs, wishes, choices, likes and dislikes. You need
to spend time with that individual to learn about them accessing what they can
and can’t do for themselves. You need to take all aspects into account like their
eating and drinking, mobility, religion, their life history, communication, Medical
conditions as well. Person-centred values must apply at all times as it’s about
the individuals and what they want. The way I see it is that all individuals have
their own minds and can make their own choices. The individuals need to have
their own independence and are all different in their own ways and we have to
respect this. We must respect their dignity and privacy as it is the individual’s
right to be treated fairly at all times throughout no matter what. We must treat
every individual the same regardless of any medical conditions, religions,
culture and life style and deserves the same care and respect.

Review approaches to person centred practice, some individuals may have
difficulty in communication whether it is down to their mental capacity, illness, and culture. You may need to have a translator, sign cards, brail, and sign language. It can take all different approaches to be able to have a person centred approach with that individual. You need to do an assessment so you are able to meet every single aspect of their daily living so you can deliver a person centred approach to them on a daily basis.

The effect of legislation and policy on person centred practice.

When working with any individual I would always check their care plan, to see what THEIR beliefs and requirements are to allow me to carry out my duties safely and without concern. In carrying out procedures in a particular way with one patient might be acceptable to them but to another it could be interpreted as abuse....