What Are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Teacher, with Relation to Professional Requirements and Standards?

What are the roles and responsibilities of a teacher, with relation to professional requirements and standards?

What makes a good teacher? This is a highly researched subject with no rigid definition; however there are many generic attributes that are common throughout the education system which include, inter alia, being multi faceted and having an ability to evolve with time and circumstances (Walklin 1990). Other factors have been proposed by theorists, covering many aspects of the roles and responsibilities of a teacher, and a number of these are examined in the following essay.

Divided into sub-sections, the first makes reference to the teacher/training cycle and describes the role, responsibilities and boundaries of a teacher. Section two examines the need for record keeping; for student and teacher development and enhancement, and also the more legislative records. Section three examines the varying assessment methods available; including initial, and also formative and summative assessments.

Roles, responsibilities and boundaries in terms of the teaching/training cycle;
There are many roles and responsibilities facing a teacher, some are relevant to specific subjects and others are of a more generic requirement. Perrott states that, “Some educators claim that good teaching cannot be defined because the criteria differ for every instructional situation and every teacher” (Perrott 1982:1). However the list of characteristics that make up a good teacher are consistent among educators, although the order of their significance is more contentious. For example, researchers such as, Ryan (1960), Flanders (1970), and Rosenshine and Furst (1973), have conducted various observational studies on indicators of effective teaching. Perrott used the following table to highlight the key factors that emerged from these particular studies:
Ryan’s Factors
  1. Teacher is warm and understanding versus cold and aloof.
  2. Teacher is organised and...