Roles and Responsibilities of a Teacher in the Lls

Roles And Responsibilities Of A Teacher In The LLS

There are many aspects of current legislative requirements and codes of practice that apply to coaching within the equine industry. Key requirements are that all instructors registered with the British Horse Society are required to have an enhanced Criminal Records Bureau check and attend a BHS Safeguarding and Protecting Children Course, or a Sports Coach UK Safeguarding and Protecting Children Course. A refresher course from a list issued by the Training Department of the British Horse Society must be attended, at least once every two years, commencing from the date of registration. Another requirement is an up to date first aid certificate. Instructors or coaches have a responsibility to support and promote their equestrian discipline and its governing body, maintain appropriate standards of conduct and act with due respect to the reputation of the governing body‚Ä®(The British Horse Society 2009). As a member of the Institute for Learning their Code of Professional Practice must be adhered to. Not only should the Human Rights Act (1998) and laws that outlaw discrimination on the grounds of race, gender sexuality and disability, be adhered to but also The Health and Safety at Work Act (1974).

All students must have a fair and equal chance to learn. (Reece and Walker 2006 P294). For theory and practical work each session can accommodate a variety of learners and their needs. The class is split in to smaller groups of similar age, learning style, experience and ability. The needs of different religions are met, for example, a prayer room is available and time allowed for learners to use it as necessary. The classroom layout and access accommodate those learners with physical disabilities. Support staff are available to assist learners with any difficulties. For ridden work, groups are split as for the practical and theory classes, however, for safety reasons it is necessary to split able and disabled bodied...