Roles and Responsibilities of the Teacher

The Roles and responsibilities of the teacher.

What does it mean to teach?,   what are our aims and objectives when we embark on the practice of teaching?
This essay is to help understand the criteria with which we better understand the "roles and responsibilities of the teacher".

“The mediocre teacher tells.  The good teacher explains.  The superior teacher demonstrates.  The great teacher inspires.”  ~William Arthur Ward

1a. Identifying specific roles
The primary role of any teacher is to create an environment conducive to learning; under this umbrella there are many things to consider.
Who are your students? , what are their individual needs, how do they learn?
Create a safe and stimulating learning environment and to set realistic aims and learning objectives so that your learners understand what is required of them.  
To nurture and support students, to develop learning tools to inspire and motivate, to understand and facilitate different learning styles.

1b.Identifying specific Responsibilities
To work within the boundaries set by the specific place of learning and its governing bodies,
To be aware of the individuals specific needs and requirements i.e. dyslexia, adhd, and any other additional needs.
To create activities, and methods of teaching that compliment the different abilities and learning styles of the students.

1c. After observing the classroom environment it is clear to see the underlying “roles and responsibilities” of the teacher, it seems however that there are certain teaching models which although invaluable to a certain point, need to be organic in their nature, malleable, and ever changing to the specific needs and attention of individual students. To apply steadfast rules seems to dampen the very role of the teacher.

The most active and engaging environments I have witnessed, appear to me when there is a class dynamic, of inclusion and participation of the group as a whole, steered with a line of questioning...