Reflection on Roles and Responsibilities of a Teacher

Reflection on the Roles and Responsibilities of a Teacher
by G.K.Phillips

A teacher has many roles and many responsibilities towards their students, their colleagues and their employing institution.

The role of a teacher is to teach the student by the most effective methods possible, usually using finite resources and in a limited period of time. Most individuals have limited opportunities to learn in life and if one of those is wasted, it is gone forever. Each lesson must be well planned and the teacher needs to be well organised, so that none of this precious time is needlessly expended.

It follows that being someone’s teacher is a huge responsibility in its own right. The teacher must engage the student in the subject and give them the motivation to learn. A two way understanding needs to be established as quickly as possible. This can only be achieved if the teacher is approachable and is a good communicator. The teacher needs to be able to give the information to the student and find out if the student has understood this information. The teacher needs to quickly identify what the optimum learning style is of the student. The teacher will not be able to impart this information properly if they themselves do not have a deep knowledge of the subject being taught.

A teacher also has the responsibility to the student, the whole class and their colleagues, to identify and act on effectively and appropriately, any issues that a learner may have. These could be barriers to their learning, but it also could be behaviours that disrupts the rest of the class and becomes a barrier to their learning as well. This must be done in a non-judgemental way. The way a teacher approaches a student needs to be based on empirical evidence and not on any pre-conceived ideas that may have been formed. Educating a student is seldom the job of one person and where there are multiple teachers, they need to work as a team, sharing information and supporting each other....