What Are the Barriers That Could Affect the Building of Relationships: with Children with Young People with Adult

There are internal and external factors that would affect the building of relationship with children. Factors that affect children from a young age may cause an affect on the child as their growing up. Child's self-esteem, confidence and building relationships with other people can be affected.

Children from a young age need the love and support of primary carer's be that parents or teachers or extended family members. Internal factors that would restrain children from building relationships could be mental health problems, visual, hearing or speaking disability. The impact of hearing loss or visual impairment on the early development of a child's language, cognition, and social-emotional competence can be pervasive. When a child has a hearing or visual impairment even of a mild degree, the development of these skills is often delayed. Such delays adversely affect communicative, academic, and social success, which has an impact on child as they grow up.These barriers would affect the child and young person involved. The child and young person may feel that the adults involved cannot understand what they are trying to say to them and this frustrates them. Which may result to withdrawn behaviour from the child and young person.

External factors that could affect the building of relationships with children could be single parent families, families who are going through financial difficulties, and many other problems that occur in families. Children need the love and support of parents as their going through the various stages of life. Some of the above factors could affect the building of positive relationships because children's self-esteem and confidence might not be very high. The child or young person involved may feel neglected because parents are not able to be their for them due to the problems in their life's. The child involved may be feeling upset by their personal circumstances this may affect their behaviour in class. This will affect the child as...