Week 5 Project

Health, Nutrition, and Wellness
Heather Ruggles
ECE 214 Nutrition and Health of Children and Families
Instructor: Jill Moody
June 16, 2014

Children's health, nutrition, and wellness over the years have made children malnourished or obese. This will show some useful information on how to support these things. There are a few resources that parents can use on planning any kind of family activities that can help engage children that will help with these.
This presentation will explain 3 main topics: Health, Nutrition, and Safety. There will be strategies that support each topic and resources that parents and teachers can use. Newsletters, videos, and family activities that can be done at home.
This section offers suggestions and sources that will show you up-to-date facts of the importance of health in an early age.
The Strategies you can use start with a health committee and they talk to the kids in their schools about health. It helps the kids and their parents engage in healthy behaviors.
offers helpful online early childhood health ideas
also offers educational material which helps teacher’s impact students with fun learning activities.
Obstacles do arise but there are ways to avoid them. Always make sure that your kids are engaged and are learning. Always try to communicate with the kids and their parents to make sure everything is fine at home.
Nutrition and physical activity is very important in your children's lives. Many children fall prey to unhealthy eating habits this could make them ill. This promotes nutritional strategies, resources, and family activities to engage with your to prevent poor nutrition.
There are hands on for nutrition and fitness. Parents can let their kids create their own foods in a healthy way. It gets them up and feeling good.
You can get your kids to feel natural about nutrition and gets them more involved with fun...