Hum/130 Week 9 Final Project

World Religions Report: Roman Catholicism and Conservative Protestants

      Maurizio Palombi

      Axia College of University of Phoenix

World Religions Report: Roman Catholicism and Conservative Protestants


All over the world, different religions exist and are respected by people who believe in that faith. Looking beyond what we know about our own religion, we will find a various number of religions that influence the people, culture, and politics in the place where they are practiced. Through a closer examination of the religion that we are familiar with and another religion, we will discover the similarities and differences between them. The aim of this report is to compare two of the many denominations of Christianity: Roman Catholicism and Conservative Protestants. Mainly, I aim to understand Catholicism as a religion by interviewing someone of its faith and a priest. And to further that understanding, I will compare Roman Catholicism to Conservative Protestant. The comparison and contrasting of the two religions will help us understand their belief systems, and how they are related and different from each other. Before further analyzing and discussing the beliefs behind these religions, it is important to first learn the basic facts behind them, such as their backgrounds.


      Those who follow the life and teachings of Christ, the son of God, are considered Christians. The first Christian Church was established almost two thousand years ago, soon after Jesus’ death, and became the birth of Christianity (BBC, 2009). The first Christian Church is believed to be the first Roman Catholic Church. People were baptized and converted to Christianity through the preaching of Christ’s disciples. The early days of the religion were not easy as they struggled to be accepted by the majority of society. They faced persecutions for a long-time, until a Rome Emperor, Constantine, converted to Christianity – a happening that paved...