Violence in Media

There Should be Restrictions on Media in Terms of Violence
There have been numerous debates on the topic of whether violence in media should be restricted or not. I myself side with the “yes” to restriction on media violence. Others may think differently since some people may find seeing a person's head getting blasted off or a fistfight between teenagers which results broken bones or getting stabbed enjoyable. I don't mean that violence in media should be TOTALLY RESTRICTED. I totally agree that a movie (which is where people pick up most of the violence from of all the types of media) will be impossibly dull without any action or any pulse-quickening moments. There can be some minor violence, but lets keep it to the level of 'fine' and avoid too much brain-spilling, shall we?

Violence in media should be regulated at a certain level. Why? I'll give you five major reasons why. First of all, it seems like there are only violent TV shows and movies nowadays. I mean, take a look at, lets say... Ben 10. A 'kid's' cartoon. On Cartoon Network, a satellite channel in which every house seems to own nowadays. Children love it. They think it's cool. They admire Ben 10, who is actually some cartoonist's imaginary character who happens to be able to turn into different weird monsters and runs around beating other monsters up. Well, think about it. It's not far away from your own daily lives. Think about your little brothers or cousins who are now running around trying to turn into aliens and beating up their friends because they are aliens too! And, remember when you were five and running around in an Ultra-Man costume blasting imaginary energy at random people passing by? What do you think of that now?

This all leads to reason number two. Media glorifies violence and gives off the wrong message. By giving off so much importance to violence, the media also encourages crazy people to be violent in order to get a lot of attention. Children copy violence seen on TV and...