Juveniles Commit Most Crimes

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Juveniles Commit Most Crimes

        Juvenile crime is defined as crime committed by young people under a certain age as

defined by law.   It is no secret that the world that we live in today juvenile crime is one

of the world biggest issues being dealt with.   There are a number of perceptible issues among

juvenile offenders that contribute to what causes the crime; however experts don't know the

main reason.   In my paper I will be discussing some of the causes and preventions of

juvenile crime.   Is it fair to say that children from one parent homes are more susceptible  

to commit crime?

Causes of Juvenile Crime

        Some experts believe that juvenile commit crimes because of factors like peer pressure,

drugs, exposure to violence, poverty, media violence, and unstable family life.   Kids want to

be accepted by his or her peers so they sometimes do what others want even if it's wrong.

Young adults may be more influenced   by what they think their peers are doing than by

what they are actually doing.   (Radecki and Jaccard. 1995)   Some juveniles would be

hesitant to admit that they area actually influenced   by others because it gives off the

perception that they are not capable of making decisions on their own.   Drugs and alcohol

play a significant part in juvenile crime.   Juveniles rely on drugs and alcohol as a way to

rationalize their behavior or criminal acts.   Others use it as a way to escape the realities of

world they live in.   Some have started using drug from peer pressure or just as a way of

having fun.

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        Drugs today are widely accepted by many teens.   It starts out as recreation and

turns into an addiction for some.   When drugs or alcohol are needed to function

properly it can result in violent behavior at times.   Studies show that since 1992 there

have been an increase in illicit drug use and it is rising.   It also has been...