Media Violence and It’s Effects on Children

Media Violence and It’s Effects on Children
Deana Mole
Elizabeth Terranova

Did you know the average American child watches 28 hours of television weekly? “By the age of 11 many children would have seen as many as 8,000 murders with the killers getting away with 75% of the murders.” ("Violence In Media-Psychologists Help Protect Children From Harmful Effects", 2004) Children’s early brain development is a critical time when children should be spent exploring outside, reading, learning about music and playing sports with peers. Media can be educational because they can learn colors, numbers, and the alphabet with informative television.   Children can also be harmed by the wrong type of media which can display violence, sex, risky behavior, drinking, drugs, and smoking.   Children tend to portray the actions they see on multimedia. The more aggressive the show tends to be is how the children will solve their problems.
As technology advances media violence is seen by more children in many different ways.   It’s affects on them can be devastating.   “It has been found by some content analyses that as many as 70% of children’s television shows have violent content.”( Wright, K. (2003, April). Guns, Lies, and Video. Discover, 24(4), 28. EBSCOhost). Whether children are watching more violent cartoons, movies, music with violent lyrics, violent video games, or watching the local news they can either be desensitized towards others feelings, more aggressive behavior, or terrified of their surroundings. With the local news they are showing more violence than ever.   They are showing more violence and gore in order to get more ratings.   Parents do not always perceive their children paying attention when they are watching the local news but children see more than they know.   This would be a good time to explain the violence in the community and the impact it has on them.
Children are becoming desensitized towards peers due to...