Verbal Abuse

Nursing Research Critique Paper
Nicole Meredith
Spring Arbor University
Nursing Research Applications
NUR 452
Roberta Goff
July 9, 2014

Nursing Research Critique Paper
The management/leadership were given the article, “Exploring the Impact of Physician Verbal Abuse on Perioperative Nurses” to critique.   The type of study the group decided the article was qualitative and quantitative.   The theoretical model or framework used is Roy and the sample size and selection was 78 perioperative nurses in the Northwest Ohio area that was mailed.   The variables are discussed in the paper and how they were measured.   The group explored the validity of the study and came to the conclusion that it was not valid and more research needs to be identified.
Type of study
The management/leadership group had determined that the article was a qualitative and quantitative study.   The study was a nonexperimental descriptive study that had a 70 items, self-report questionnaire that addresses types of verbal abuse.   The study sent 200 questionnaires in the mail, 110 were returned.   Out of the 110, 17 were excluded by criteria, 29 were incomplete and 64 were eligible.   They mailed out another 119 questionnaires and of those returned, 15 were incomplete and 14 were eligible.  
Qualitative Research
Qualitative research is a systematic, subjective approach used to describe life experiences and give them meaning (Burns & Grove, 2011, p. 73).   The approach used was the phenomenological research, philosophical orientation.   The phenomena are the world of experience and occurs only when a person experiences them.   The experience is considered unique to the individual (Burns & Grove, 2011, p. 75).   The questions were unstructured, open-ended questions with probes to obtain more information from the participants about particular questions (Burns & Grove, 2011, p. 85).
Quantitative Research
Quantitative research is a formal objective, rigorous, systematic process for...