Exploring the Imapact of Verbal Abuse

Nursing Research Critique Paper
Toni Bratt
Spring Arbor University
Nursing Research Applications
NUR 452
Dawn Borgerson
December 8, 2013

Nursing Research Critique Paper
The purpose of this paper is to critique a research article exploring the impact of physician verbal abuse on perioperative nurses. This paper will identify the type of study, and the theoretical model/framework used in the study. It will also discuss sample size, and the variables of the study. This paper will also discuss the validity of the study according to research criteria and future research topics based on the research results.
                                          Study Type
The research article Exploring the Impact of Physician Verbal Abuse on Perioperative Nurses is a mixed study of both qualitative and quantitative research. “Qualitative research is a systematic, subjective approach used to describe life experiences and give them meaning”(Burns & Grove, 2011, p. 73). This study has qualitative aspects because it asked the participants to write in any feelings encountered during verbally abusive episodes. “Quantitative research is a formal, objective, rigorous, systematic process for generating numerical information about the world”(Burns & Grove, 2011, p. 34). There are four types of quantitative research, which include descriptive, correlational, quasi-experimental, and experimental. This article was a descriptive, exploratory study. “Descriptive research is the exploration and description of phenomena in real-life situations. It provides an accurate account of characteristics of particular individuals, situations, or groups”(Burns & Grove, 2011, p. 34). Usually descriptive studies are conducted with large numbers of subjects and no manipulation of the situation. This study has quantitative aspects because it uses three 11-item seven-point Likert-type scales. “The Likert scale is designed to determine the opinions or attitudes of study subjects. This scale...