Child Abuse


Task 1.
Complete a spider diagram or mind map showing the different types of child abuse and some of the key characteristics of them. An example has been started for you.

Task 2

Complete the following paragraph about the dangers of using the internet unsupervised, using the words provided in the box below.

Many children and young people use ___technology____________ to keep in touch with their friends and family, learn new things and relax. While there is no doubt that this can be ___beneficial____________ there are also ___dangers___________ which they may either be unaware of or choose to __ignore___________. The internet allows people to ____hide_________ their identity and easily ___pretend____________ to be someone else. Those who wish to ___harm____________ children and young people may be able to gain their trust and ____persuade___________ them to do things which they would not usually do. Being ___safe__________ of the websites, chatrooms and social networking sites being used will allow practitioners to ensure that those in their care can be ___aware____________ and have the confidence to _________report_____ anything that ___worries____________ them.

Task 3

List some of the possible dangers of using the following technology.

|Twitter                                       |Racist, violent, misleading info, exposure to inappropriate and/or content, fraud, paedophilia,           |
|                                             |inappropriate photos, dangerous advice encouraging eating disorders, self-harm or suicide                 |
|Mobile phone                                 |receiving inappropriate images, cyber bullying, access to internet- inappropriate content hidden costs,   |
|                                             |predators, theft and loss, health risks...