1. Based on the descriptions in the text, I see myself as an Active Experimentation in the Kolb Inventory of Learning Styles.   I like to solve problems, make decisions, and learn better when I can be hands-on with the material.
2. After reading about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the personality most like me is INPT.   These four personality traits, Introversion, Intuition, Perceiving, and Thinking are all traits that I have and use when I am working, doing schoolwork,   or in my daily life at home.
3. VARK results:
Total number of Vs circled = 6
Total number of As circled = 6
Total number of Rs circled = 10
Total number of Ks circled = 10
Multiple Intelligences Inventory results:
Verbal/Linguistic = 5   Musical/Rhythmic = 3 Logical/Mathematical = 7                           Interpersonal = 4
Visual/Spatial = 3                                       Intrapersonal = 0
Bodily/Kinesthetic = 5                               Naturalist = 3
4. Some of the similarities I see among the results of the two different surveys are I had higher scores in the kinesthetic categories.   Some of the differences I see among the results of the two different surveys are on the VARK I scored high in read/write and on the Multiple Intelligences Inventory I scored lower on the visual/spatial.   Another difference I can see is I scored the highest in the logical/mathematical on Multiple Intelligences Inventory and I scored the highest in the read/write and kinesthetic on the VARK.
5. The learning strategy the I find to be most effective based upon the four models is the Multiple Intelligences Inventory.   This knowledge may make me a more effective college student by allowing me to have a clearer understanding what characteristics help me learn and be more productive over other characteristics.