Role, Responsibilities and Bounderies in Teaching

UNIT 1 LEVEL 4   Question 1  
This question is asking me to review my role, responsibilities and boundaries as a teacher in terms of the teacher/ trainer cycle teaching business studies.
In the first instance we identify the teacher/ trainer cycle   as:-
This is referred to as a training cycle as it starts with identifying needs and takes us through a cycle to completion of task, finalising with evaluation to help me as tutors to continually improve.
  * Identifying needs and planning.
I as a tutor am responsible for identifying the requirements of the business studies   course to be delivered, the needs of the learners, the teaching environment, preparing a scheme of work and session plans to deliver and meet the required needs of the individual and the group.
The needs of the individual learner are paramount.

To identify the needs of the course I would refer to the syllabus or training required to be delivered, and from this build a session plan. In delivering that lesson plan I would refer to Gagne’s 9 instructional events to build the lesson and ensure consistency in approach.

  1. Getting attention - introductions, icebreakers.
  2. Informing learners of the objective of the lesson (expectancy)
  3. Stimulating recall of prior learning – recap and question the previous
lessons objectives.
  4. Presenting the stimulus (selective perception) delivering he session.
  5. Providing learning guidance (semantic coding)
  6. Eliciting performance (responding) through interactive learning.
  7. Providing feedback (reinforcement)
  8. Assessing performance (retrieval) questioning at the end of the session.
  9. Enhancing retention and transfer (generalisation)

For the learning needs of the students I would need to assess the students individually and as a group, I can achieve this by issuing individual questionnaires at the start of the course to establish their many individual needs, including learning barriers such as...