Planning and Enabling Learning

Unit 2 Planning and Enabling Learning
The aims and objectives of this unit are to show an understanding of the four different teaching methods: Negotiating with Learners, Inclusive Learning, Integrating functional Skills and Communication. Using various research methods and discussing my findings.
Research was initially carried out by using the internet, referring to various reference books, discussions with colleagues and information gathered from watching micro teach sessions delivered by members of our group.
The findings of this research have increased my level of understanding the many different needs of my students and I feel that I am more able to connect and support them by incorporating this information into my lessons. I feel that my standard of teaching has improved. This is demonstrated to me by the positive results of my lessons along with good attendance, excellent behaviour and feedback. The feeling of inclusion for each of the learners and my flexibility when planning and delivering the lessons has strengthend the course and made it a more positive experience.
Negotiating with learners or initial assessment would start with the application form and develop through the interview process. It is vital at the onset of any course to ensure that learners and their chosen course are compatible with one an other. For example there could be physical barriers that would make completing the course very difficult. In hairdressing certain skin conditions such as Dermatitis would prevent a student from being able to complete various practical tasks. Being unable to communicate with clients if the student was unable to speak or hear would make the practical aspect of the course very difficult, with language barriers the students would be offerd a translating dictionary. With poor literacy and numeracy skills there would be support offerd in the form of an LSA. I have found with some students that taking time to explain and demonstrate slowly and...