Unknown Facts of Eli Whitney

History 1301
Due date 11-18-11
The interesting life of Eli Whitney
When something thinks or says the Eli Whitney, you automatically think, “oh he is the guy that invented the cotton gin”. After reading the book The Life of Eli Whitney by Catherine A. Welch, I discovered many things that I had no idea about Eli Whitney and his simple yet busy way of life.
One of the first things that I learned about Eli Whitney was the fact that he was oringally a Yankee! I had thought for the longest time that, since Eli Whitney had invented the cotton gins which in a way lead slavery on a little more, he had to be a southern man. Well I couldn’t have been more wrong. He was born in Massachusetts and he had spent a good majority of his life there as well. Another fun fact that crossed me while reading the book was the fact that Eli Whitney when he was a teenager, he had made nails to help him get money in his hands. I don’t think anyone would believe that a man with a Yale education and who is a world class inventor would ever have to do something like that to live. To me it was mind blowing. It kind of shows you that some of the greatest human beings can come from the poorest and low places.
Yes I know I had already brought up the cotton gin in the opening statement but, while reading the book I came across a paragraph that shocked me. The article was referring to how the cotton gin had been such a major improvement and how many people believed that he was the man that sparked the American industrial. At the end of the paragraph it stated that more than 75% of American thought that Eli Whitney had invented the absolute first cotton gin. Well that’s not entirely correct. There had been many models designed before Eli Whitney’s cotton gin, but the problem was that the other inventors were trying to get way too creative. They had thought that if they used brand new technology that had just been discovered then the machine would be at the peak of development. None of...