Causes of Civil War

Causes of the Civil War
Imagine yourself in the situation to have been drafted into the U.S military, you have to fight in showers of gunfire, march miles and miles of road to a battlefield and stand in pools of dead bodies who were your comrades. To have to fight enemies who are your countrymen, your friends, even your own family. Wouldn’t you like to know the reasons behind this? Wouldn’t you like to know how this could be prevented? Wouldn’t you want to know why you are killing your own countrymen? The Civil War was ultimately inevitable; there were too many different divides between the North and the South for there to be peace and this was why the Civil War had to be fought. The American Civil War was caused by political issues, economic differences, and differing opinions on slavery between the North and South.
The Civil War was one of the bloodiest battles in the U.S it had many nicknames such as the “Brothers War”, the “War of Rebellion,” and the “War between States” (Goff). This war between the North and the South began on April 12, 1861 when the South declared attack on Fort Sumter. Fort Sumter was an important port that was owned by the Union. In this battle the South bombarded missiles at the Union naval ships and the fort. After hours and hours of bombardment the North surrendered the port to the South, there were no casualties (Goff). This marked the beginning of the civil war.   The Union had many advantages when they entered the Civil War. They had a stronger naval military, a larger population, and they had much more resources than the South. The only advantages that the Confederates had was they had many skilled veteran generals and because they were fighting on homeland (Faragher 164). There were many significant battles in the Civil War two of these battles were the Battles of Gettysburg and the Battle of Antietam. In the Battle of Gettysburg many Union soldiers’ lives were lost; this was also the battle in which Abraham Lincoln declared the...