Final Timeline

Timeline of Events Leading to the Civil War

Name of the Event Dates Description
The First Great Awakening   1730s-1740s This brought many religion believes to the states. It allowed women to speak at church and allowed Blacks to join. During this time two Black churches were built.
The Abolishment of Slavery Movement 1776- End of the Civil War This movement has been an issue for both the south and north. It has been an issue since the states were established and was a big issue during the Second Great Awakening.
The rise of the need of slaves 1793- 1860s The invention on the cotton gin allowed plantations to produce more cotton. The plantation owners bought more slaves to pick more cotton to keep up with the production of the cotton. The north did not like the fact they were buying more slaves.
The Second Great Awakening 1800- 1870s The second Great awakening was another movement of religion. This time it was for the abolishment of slavery and to let women to have more rights. Northern religionist believed that slavery was a sin to God. They wanted slavery to be abolished forever.
State’s rights

1820s- today John C. Calhoun was Andrew Jackson’s vice-president. He believed that Jackson would give his home state some rights but instead took all rights away from them. This caused the southern states to feel like they were treated unfairly because they had slavery.
Missouri Compromise
1820 This allowed slavery to exist below the parallel 36º 30’ and the state of Missouri.
Mexican- American War
1846-1848 After the war ended, the South wanted the new states and territories to decide if they were free states or slave state. The Northern states did not want slavery in the new states and territories.
The Compromise Act of 1850 1850 This act was made up of five bills that tried to satisfy both the Northern and Southern states.
Fugitive Slave Act
1850 This act held people accountable for hiding and protecting slaves. They could be...