United Bank

Banking operations and services are one of the basic needs of an economy. These include acceptance of deposits and disbursement of advances to individuals and others at higher rates. Banks perform various fundamental factions, which are directly or indirectly contributory towards economic and social development of countries. UBL, a commercial bank was established in 1959 as result of reckless efforts made by Agha Hassan Abidi. The UBL has shown the fastest growth pattern and in a period of just 27 years became the second largest bank of Pakistan. The bank image however adversely destroyed when it suffered heavy losses during its nationalization period due to political and other factors. The bank is showing re-emerging indications as is evident from its financial statements. UBL on October 19, 2002 was privatized and bought by two financially sound parties of international repute i.e. best way group and Abu Dhabi group holding 51% of the banks share and thus has emerged as the largest private bank surpassing MCB.
The purpose of this report is to study operations and analyze performance of UBL to see whether the bank is successful in its operational performance or not, and recommending possible solutions for problems. For meeting the purpose both secondary and primary data have been used.
The whole report has been divided into five main sections as describe below:
Section I is introduction to the report and briefly describes the scope, purpose, methodology and limitations faced during the preparation of the report.
Section II is the review portion and contains five chapters. First chapter is introducing the organization and remaining four chapters are explaining operations and relevant broader but comprehensive set of information of the functional departments of the bank so that readers of this report should be able to gain sufficient knowledge of the processing and procedures of the operations carried out by these departments. However in the chapter pertaining...