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Five year marketing plan for United Bank For Africa
Vision: to be the undisputed leading and dominant financial institution in Africa
Mission: to be a role model for African businesses by creating superior value for all our stake holders abiding by the utmost professional and ethical standard
In a bid to continue expanding and reaching our goal as the Africa’s global bank, we have thought it wise to shift our attention to the emerging markets in Asia. This is particularly important given that African governments are increasing their trade relations and volume with Asian countries.
It is in a bid to serve as the paying and receiving bank for these businesses that informed this market plan. What the bank will benefit from this plan cannot be over-emphasized. The bank will be in charge with all transfers as there is no bank in Africa that is doing that at the moment. This will reduce the businessmen processing time and late payments for consignments as it will increase our service revenue. We have three products to cater for this market, viz: U-gold, Form M, and Afri-cash-a transfer laden account that uses foreign currencies.
We strongly believe that this five year plan will not only improve our customer base but will also increase our COT.
                                                            BACKGROUND INFORMATION
The Asian countries have been on the rise within the past few decades. Their finesse in such areas like electronics, auto, construction, computer and the likes went unnoticed in Africa until the economic shake up in the west. This turned the attention of African governments and businessmen from West to Asia and this opened another opportunity in Africa.
But the challenge that is faced by businessmen has been a financial institution that can expressly carry out their financial obligations like form M and other service associated with international trade. This has been their greatest problem as they find it difficult to...

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