Unit Shc 53 1.1

Unit SHC53 Champion equality, diversity and inclusion
Evidence 1.1
1.1 - Explain models of practice that underpin equality, diversity and inclusion in own area of responsibility
The main model of practice that is used is Person centred support planning, this allows staff to identify characteristics that make people unique and individual. This is where the importance of people’s values comes to light as staff need to look at the person that they are supporting ability rather than their disability and then staff then need to look at ways of incorporating the individuals abilities into the support that they are providing so that person can be as empowered as possible and maintain or build the skills that they have rather than them being swallowed up under the pretext of support.
One of the ways that I have done this over the years is to challenge staff using the Equal opportunities approach and I often use the example of driving, that is to say that most people have the ability to learn to drive, given an instructor and a car, but   we are all different with regards to the amount of support that we need, some may learn in ten hours and others may take a thousand but they still have the opportunity to learn and the instructor will tailor the lesson according to that individual and their ability.
I then use this as a work based example as we all have strengths and weaknesses and although all staff receives the same training some require a greater amount of support to do things that others seem to be able to do with ease. Staffs are aware that they have had the same training and that they have the same starting point.
I have also had to use what could be perceived as discriminatory practice in the past with regards to recruiting staff but has been done so in line with the Equalities Act 2006, whereby we have required staff or either gender, or stated in the advert that they must be capable of driving a mini bus. The reason for staff recruitment being gender...